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14 de February, 2020

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona Review

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona took place between the 27th and the 31st of January and brought together almost 20,000 participants among customers, partners and IT professionals.

The event aims to help partners and customers to understand the spectrum of opportunities that exist within Cisco, and at the same time provide technical knowledge so that these opportunities become tangible and translate into business outcomes for end clients on a global scale.

Throughout the week, innovations in cybersecurity, networking, collaboration and DevNet offerings were presented – all designed to help companies drive digitization, scale their operations and at the same time remain secure.

Some of the highlights of the event included:

Boosting applications in a hybrid multicloud environment:

Cisco’s new multi domain architecture combines AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer to provide full visibility across applications, the network and the data center, both on-prem and in the cloud. Cisco HyperFlex Application offers an integrated container-as-a-service platform that simplifies the provisioning and ongoing operations of kubernetes in the cloud, data center and edge.

Security architecture for industrial IoT:

Organizations need complete visibility into their network environments to ensure industrial advantage, reduce the risk of cyber threats and optimize industrial processes. Cisco’s new IoT security architecture provides detailed visibility into IT and OT environments, protecting industrial processes and enabling data collection and extraction, so organizations can increase efficiency and make better business decisions.

• The Customer Experience revolution in contact center:

In order to bridge the gap between customer expectations and delivery, Cisco announced some developments that fundamentally transform the customer experience at the contact center level: the infusion of AI in the solutions and a new contact center product in the cloud.

Innovations at the AI ​​level, enhance meetings with greater engagement:

New voice intelligence features for Webex Meetings turn conversations into action. In addition, Cisco maintains its commitment to data security and privacy, allowing customers to choose whether Webex data will be stored in Europe or the United States. The company also announced the new Cisco Webex Room USB, a basic video device that offers collaboration to smaller organizations, without compromise.

Logicalis Cisco Live Barcelona 2020

In the exhibition area, World of Solutions, Logicalis demonstrated its solutions for:

Cisco Hyperflex, through which companies can optimize their IT infrastructures. Thanks to the perfect symbiosis of computing, networking and storage, this HCI system will guarantee greater efficiency in IT operations. At the same time, it will give new possibilities due to the integration of several clouds.

Pure Storage and Cisco developed a modern converged infrastructure (CI) system. The system focuses on maximum performance and reliability to operate business applications. With FlashStack, hardware silos are a thing of the past.

AppDynamics: today, application performance is a critical factor for any company. It is crucial that availability and performance are guaranteed, even at peak times. That’s where AppDynamics comes in, ensuring the smooth running of your company’s applications. (Optimizing application performance, through real-time monitoring and analysis).

LOOP: Logicalis orchestration platform for flexible management of managed services. Control interface for orchestration, automation and API integration.

It was also with great pride that we attended a session with the participation of our client IP Telecom, where the use case of Cisco Workload Optimization Manager implemented by Cilnet was shared. This solution allowed our client to reduce costs by 30% in terms of Microsoft licensing, 15% in costs with VMware space and more efficient and transparent management of its entire data center space.

In general terms, and at the end of the event, we saw Cisco moving towards its goal of transforming the business models and business outcomes of customers (through subscription models and transition to the cloud); and we increasingly consider the manufacturer as a key player in connecting the on-prem and hybrid instances (for having the entire network date) and being able to make this leverage, providing a unique value to customers.