One of our companies’ most valuable assets these days is data; therefore, its storage, processing and security needs are increasingly crucial to the operations of any business.

At Cilnet we overcome these business challenges with the agility and scalability of our data center solutions, which are designed to help your business respond dynamically to current and future changes.

Learn how your business can manage and store data promptly through our solutions:


We make available the most efficient servers to help your business operate as effectively as possible in delivering information to the public.


We promote storage and securization of your data in a rigorous and systematic manner, controlling the evolution of storage with intelligent data management.


We make possible the convergence of all your network to an open system, based on known standards.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

We make it easy to modernize your data center through HCI (where server, storage, virtualization and networking are all integrated in one place), simplifying IT operations and reducing costs for your business (which can build a private cloud in 15 mins).

Automation & Hybrid cloud

We automate IT tasks, accelerating your process optimization and application deployment.

Back Up

We offer backup and recovery solutions that keep your business data secure and available on-prem, on remote desktop and in the cloud.

The business benefits:

· The current data center model is less tied to the physical component and more integrated into the business process itself, so it favors availability, security and performance to meet business needs;
· Protection of data that is maintained on robust, energy efficient systems that ensure excellent levels of redundancy;
· Cost reduction (both operational, managerial and maintenance);
· Consolidation of IT that will make your business better prepared for future challenges.