One of the main pillars for companies to be agile and ready for evolution in the digital scene is their IT infrastructure, as it must support new technologies and drive high performance.

At Cilnet we help our customers evolve their infrastructure through agile, reliable and scalable IT solutions, which are designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing digital transformation.

Learn how your business can evolve its IT infrastructure through our solutions:


As software applications and work forms become more demanding, IT infrastructure needs to upgrade.
In order to address these evolving needs, we offer a wide range of infrastructure services.

We design, build and install:
· Structured networks (data, voice,video);
· Datacenter;
· Uninterruptible power supply systems;
· Control systems;
· Management and alarmistic;
· Video surveillance solutions;
· Electric networks, among others.

We offer cloud-based infrastructure, local hardware and hybrid configuration.

The business benefits:

· Optimizing your infrastructure and improving your return on investment through our tailor-made solutions, based on auditing, designing, configuring, implementing and proactively monitoring your network;
· Simplified management of your network (maintaining the balance between accessibility, security and speed) through our IT system consolidation service provision or full / partial cloud migration;
· Reliable and secure data storage. We offer effective storage and solutions that include virtualization and cloud capacity to reduce your operating costs and increase your productivity.