In a business and technological context where change is the only constant, cultures of high performance, flexibility and collaboration (anytime, anywhere) are no longer the future, are the reality.

Our virtualization business unit helps our customers doing more with less, by consolidating and optimizing their systems on fewer physical machines.

We implement simple and agile solutions so that companies can work smarter and more productively.

Learn how your business can consolidate its IT and do more with less, through our solutions:


We integrate technology, platforms, devices and clouds, ensuring each employee a personalized and secure access to the systems and tools, to carry out their activities when needed (digital workspace and desktop-as-a-service).

We complement this offering with advanced analytics, network traffic flow, user authentication, file and endpoint usage, to proactively detect and act upon malicious behavior or performance anomalies.

The business benefits:

· Increased productivity by securely delivering on-demand applications to high-performance virtual desktops;
· Increased Endpoint Security;
· Network performance optimization;
· Improved user experience (regardless of location, network conditions or device);
· Improved service availability;
· Increased business agility (by reducing time to market for new services and friction with the transition to the cloud);
· Optimization of management and infrastructure costs (through interoperability of solutions with the adoption of WAN virtualization technologies).